Why you should choose Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove.


The Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove uses much less fuel than an open fire for cooking, allowing the user to preserve fuel in any fuel-limited or emergency situation. Why does it use less fuel?  Well, there are two reasons.  First, the heat is channeled up the chimney directly to the cook surface.  The second reason has to do with the chemistry of wood fires.  As wood burns in a campfire, flammable wood gas is released in the form of volatile organic compounds. These wood gases usually comprise at least 50% of the potential chemical energy available from the wood fuel. Exothermic reactions (wood burning) begin at approximately 250° C (around 500° F), and wood gases do not ignite until approximately 600° C (around 1100° F). However, the configurations of a fireplace or campfire fail to ignite most of these gases since they do not usually reach sufficient temperatures for wood gas combustion. This unburned fuel cools and condenses when dispersed and forms particulates in the form of smoke. Smoke is wasted fuel.

The chimney component includes a layer of insulation capable of withstanding the high temperatures of the stove which allows for higher operating temperatures in excess of the 1100° F mentioned above, which causes combustion of wood gases, or smoke, releasing that chemical energy for cooking use. 

The Stovehinge Collapsible camping stove also allows for the use of insulation naturally found at the campsite- dirt, rocks, or sand for example. This insulating material is added inside the Main Housing around the combustion chamber, Feed-Tube, and Chimney to achieve higher operating temperatures and efficiency (Your Collapsible Rocket Stove has achieved temperatures in excess of 1700˚ Fahrenheit using scrap wood in testing, a temperature well in excess of that necessary to achieve secondary combustion and the ignition of wood gases.). This insulation, combined with the combustion chamber geometry of rocket stove designs, allows for much higher burn temperatures and, consequently, a more efficient use of fuel. Finally, the use of indigenous insulating material along with the collapsible nature of the Main Housing allows for the transport volume and weight of the collapsed stove configuration to be significantly less than that of the expanded and insulated configuration.


The Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove offers a lighter, safer, more efficient, and more compact solution than currently available rocket stove designs, collapsing to about the size of a laptop computer and fitting in a convenient 15" x 10" x 2" carrying case included with your purchase.  Most rocket stoves currently available on the market, however, are either prohibitively heavy or bulky to serve as an ideal camping or survival solution.  The smaller of these stoves often weigh at least 15 lbs. and require several square feet of packing space. Furthermore, most "tube on a tripod" rocket stoves currently available and advertised as portable do not allow for the insulation of the chimney or feed-tube, in contrast to the Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove.


Your Collapsible Rocket Stove offers numerous advantages over competing stoves. Many commercially available rocket stoves are supported by welded legs or a tripod. The wide, square base of the Collapsible Rocket Stove is less likely to tip over and dump embers on an unintended area. The use of a Main Housing to separate the user from the combustion chamber is an additional safety feature, decreasing the likelihood of accidental burns during stove use.


The improvement in efficiency mentioned above is a consequence of improved combustion, which of course translates to decreased production of the pollutants caused by incomplete combustion. These include the production of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, both of which carry negative health costs upon inhalation. An estimated 1.5 to 2 million people die each year as a consequence of pollution from solid fuel use, mostly in third world countries where biomass burning is the principle means of cooking food. Any decrease in the production of these pollutants will carry positive health implications for the users.

The reduction in both ash and smoke production resulting from a rocket stove burn (upon reaching optimal operating temperatures) both testify to its efficiency. One 2007 study documenting the replacement of traditional wood stoves with rocket stoves in sub-Saharan Africa reflects this efficiency. These stoves were non-collapsible, insulated stoves that were used to produce hundreds of thousands of meals over a period of months or years. The four institutions involved in the field test reported a 57-71% reduction in wood fuel purchases upon the introduction of the stoves.


Your Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove minimizes smoke when at operating temperatures, dramatically reducing the "smoke" smell that campers often find on their clothes and in their hair after a campfire.


The channelization of air also serves to pre-heat the wood prior to combustion, allowing the induced draft within the Feed-Tube to function as an evaporator. That is, this pre-heating of the wood evaporates water from the wood within the Feed-Tube, drying the wood and preventing much of the energy loss in the combustion area normally expended to evaporate water.

Live or “green” wood is comprised of approximately 50% of water by weight, while typical firewood properly stored and left to dry is comprised of approximately 20% of water by weight, depending on environmental factors. However, unlike a campfire or competing camp stoves, the Collapsible Rocket Stove design evaporates water from the wood fuel as it nears combustion within the Feed-Tube, which in turn provides a means of pre-heating “greener” or more recently felled biomass prior to combustion, greatly expanding potential fuel sources.


Since our products are made exclusively with type 304 stainless steel, your Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove can be dumped in the nearest stream, lake, or sink after use to rinse off ash or residue.


To ensure your satisfaction with your purchase, you are entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee on the entire stove. However, since our products are hand-made using type 304 stainless steel, your Collapsible Rocket Stove should serve as a reliable camp stove/insurance policy for decades to come.